Live From My Bedroom

by James DelRipture

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these are songs. you can't prove that they're not.

okay the last one might not be.


released November 2, 2013



all rights reserved


James DelRipture Brooklyn, New York

Hi. This is my bio. I hope you enjoy it. <3

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Track Name: Escape
I spent most days running mistake to mistake
i waste most nights inside of her head
and i talk to her friends but they never seem happy
i talk to mine and they always feel the same
so i wonder if the time would just slow down for a second
so i could just step back and catch my breath
i don't wanna believe that my intentions are anything drastic
im just saying what i think and what i think is that i should not speak

cause when the friends that you love become the friends that you hate
god, i could really use an escape.

so im coughing out chemicals as i step to her brownstone
and my eyes are getting red but i tell you its just from the weed
god i really don't wanna talk about my past or my family
so as far as you know, i was born just today in your bed
but my stories are vague, and they always tend to traaaaaii….
plus you know i cant afford the attention you pay.
so i slip outside to clear my head, regain my composure
by the time i come back back, thank god you're already asleep.

and when the friends that you love become the friends that you hate
god, i could really use an escape.
Track Name: ...A Baby What?
red eyes scoping out the back of the car
as you lay on the hood, as you feel the fall
you don't know much, you better watch your back, kid
you got a long time comin' just a little too late
so you block off the doors and feign asphyxiate
but you know, we're all on to that game
as you tear and tear and tear... at your skin

black-eye backdrop, a picture perfect scene
too many feelings, half forgotten memories
that still sting like the day we made them
but your boyfriend brought you here so he should take you home
if you have any problems, love, just let me know
i'm a sucker, you know i'd take you anywhere
we could drive and drive and drive... all damn night
if we make it past the state line... we'll be alright

and your eyes get heavy as you watch the scene
of 300 miles unfolding all around me
and you think we could drive forever
but the gas tank sputters as it pulls to a stop
and i cant remember what we were fighting about
but you know you were always right
and you could never ever ever... be wrong
and i could never ever ever... be wrong
and we could never ever ever... do no wrong.
yeah right.
Track Name: Control
Girl it's not fair to blame me for the kind of love that you attract
You share your heart so easy, but I hold it then you steal it back
You can't expect me to heal you, I never promised to make you whole
It's not my job to fix you, its not my job to mend your heart.

It's not my job to fix you, its not my job to make you whole.
It's not my job to fix you, I don't wanna lose control.

The promises you kept, you never kept them quite enough
Now I'm sittin on the front steps talking to my best friends about giving up
You know I never liked those words, they always seemed far too drastic
But I didn't think about you once last night, and god, that was fantastic.

I don't think I can fix you. i don't think I can make you whole.
God, I don't wanna fix you. I don't wanna lose control.
Track Name: Don't Go
tell me what do you do when you still get sad after you drink all night
after you find a cheap flight to where you swore you would be
for so many years after you knew you'd be dead, but you'd never make it through the night
now you're just a bitter man, and suddenly its happening again.
when you couldn't wait till the days got shorter but the nights they stayed long
when you spent all your time in my arms singing the same songs
when you kept rhythm with your heartbeat and I choked down the refrains
and the memory of simpler times got lost along the way

so were coughing out choruses cause i'm only honest when i sing
and i wanna tell you the truth darling, just don't believe a thing i say
don't go… just god, don't stay.

and i think i might be manic, but ill probably never sleep again
i could live off caffeine and nicotine like so many better men
and i swear if i could just fit into whatever mold that you melted
i think everything would get a little easier and the world would settle
but a lot of pressure to lay on you, fuck we both know you ain't no saint
you can sin as well as the rest of them, and love its getting late
so you should probably go before i say something that you'd regret
don't worry, ill call you tomorrow if i don't forget

and were coughing out choruses cause i'm only honest when i sing
and i wanna tell you the truth, darling, just don't believe a thing i say
don't go… just god don't stay.
Track Name: Bad Dreams
i had a dream where i did some horrid things
and i woke up gouging my eyes
i just couldn't believe the shit you said to me
i still think i was justified
but the blood on my hands turned to sweat by the morning
when i lit up with the sky
hopefully i can shake this feeling
i mean i don't see why

why you still do what you do.

and my left side brain says i should go away
i mean, just for like a couple days
give everyone time to settle down
"boy,you cause quite a fray"
and I didn't mean to do it, that much is true
but it still happened after all
when you trade in affection for affliction you really start to see

how far we fall

and girl it makes me a little uncomfortable
the way you still smell like home
if i walked on eggshells for a little while
would you sleep inside my collarbone?
and wake up in the morning ready to fight the day
swinging for 13 rounds straight
or could i pretend to sleep for a few more hours
and just listen to your heart break and break and break and break and break
Track Name: Psalm Verses
i found a silhouette on the sidewalk that looked just like you
it was on the corner of 12th and second avenue
and i just let my heart skip
and i tried to count the freckles but the sun was going down
so instead I snapped a picture it'll do for now
until I get the nerve to call you
but my voice is still too shaky and my throat is closing up
so i text you psalm verses instead of what I think
plus you know i don't believe in that shit
but the spinning's never slowing and it starts to make me sick
and i really do believe that throughout all of this
i'm still just as much of an asshole

i cant believe,can't believe you at all
but darling i'll never leave you or ever let you fall

I heard a silly little voice in the back of my head
telling me that i've been either crazy or dead
for i don't know, like 6 or 7 months
but i could always watch my chest rise and fall like the tide
and it really doesn't matter if i just stay inside
cause the rain it only makes you sick
so i curl up like a hermit with a coffee in bed
"you push every good thing away" isn't that what you said
and it still rings in my ears
so i'm reaching out for something that i know i'll never grab
but at least the act of stretching makes me feel less sad
plus i've always heard cardio is good for you

and i cant believe, cant believe you at all
but darling ill never leave, or ever let you fall
you know it wont be that bad
you know that you'll be fine
when you come back from working things out in the town that you were raised in
and spending all your thoughts on things you cant erase and
try as you might, girl, you always try so hard, oh no
you know it wont be that bad
Track Name: Before The Fall
you are the gold beneath the ground
you are the undisclosed location where my body was found
you are just the blur i see
the discrepancy between my vision and me
you are the knots that live in my back
you are my heart attack
and i can feel you fucking with the beat
the one inside my chest, kick, snare, repeat
you are the police at the door
while i'm frantically screaming "she doesn't live here anymore"
you are my shepard, you are my lord
you lead me to bed each night, you know, until i get bored
you are the lyrics i cant sing
the pawn shop wedding ring
you are the sunshine sneaking through
the heat of the moment, words like i and hate and you

you are the window i cant break
you are my favorite mistake you know, the one i always make
you are the unavoidable call
the lust i chase before the fall