Psalm Verses

from by James DelRipture

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i found a silhouette on the sidewalk that looked just like you
it was on the corner of 12th and second avenue
and i just let my heart skip
and i tried to count the freckles but the sun was going down
so instead I snapped a picture it'll do for now
until I get the nerve to call you
but my voice is still too shaky and my throat is closing up
so i text you psalm verses instead of what I think
plus you know i don't believe in that shit
but the spinning's never slowing and it starts to make me sick
and i really do believe that throughout all of this
i'm still just as much of an asshole

i cant believe,can't believe you at all
but darling i'll never leave you or ever let you fall

I heard a silly little voice in the back of my head
telling me that i've been either crazy or dead
for i don't know, like 6 or 7 months
but i could always watch my chest rise and fall like the tide
and it really doesn't matter if i just stay inside
cause the rain it only makes you sick
so i curl up like a hermit with a coffee in bed
"you push every good thing away" isn't that what you said
and it still rings in my ears
so i'm reaching out for something that i know i'll never grab
but at least the act of stretching makes me feel less sad
plus i've always heard cardio is good for you

and i cant believe, cant believe you at all
but darling ill never leave, or ever let you fall
you know it wont be that bad
you know that you'll be fine
when you come back from working things out in the town that you were raised in
and spending all your thoughts on things you cant erase and
try as you might, girl, you always try so hard, oh no
you know it wont be that bad


from Live From My Bedroom, released November 2, 2013



all rights reserved


James DelRipture Brooklyn, New York

Hi. This is my bio. I hope you enjoy it. <3

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